Cops and Monsters the Mini Series launches funding for 2015

Cops and Monsters the Mini Series launches funding for 2015

What is 'Cops and Monsters'?

'Cops and Monsters' is a digital series being produced by a group of UK filmmakers in Scotland. Together they have worked on several award-winning 48 hour film projects and their pilot episode of 'Cops and Monsters' which was created with the assistance of a successful crowd funding project in 2014.

Each of the production team involved with Cops and Monsters has training from established colleges, universities and film academies as well as major TV stations (including the BBC) and of course most of all, they are huge fans of film and television.

To help continue the world of Cops and Monsters they are now aiming to raise £8,000 which will let them shoot 4 x 20 minute episodes (all completely new scripts and stories) telling the extended story of the PITS (Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland) team as they investigate a series of gruesome murders in a Scotland where vampires, werewolves and zombies are a part of every day life.

If the £8,000 is not raised then as many episodes as the funding will allow will be put into production with the option of revisiting the world of Cops and Monsters in the future.

With your contributions Cops and Monsters: The Mini Series will be one step closer to reality and not only keep a very interesting story building to a far larger 'universe' but also helping a team of creative souls busy with the creation.

The Cast

The team will be working very closely with the cast from the pilot episode and do hope to bring as many people back as possible but also to introduce new characters to expand the world.

Already confirmed are the following:

  • Sarah Louise Madison (Doctor Who, Night Of The Living Dead: Resurrection, The Amityville Asylum)
  • Caitlin Blackwood (Doctor Who, Journey Bound)
  • Billy Kirkwood (The School of Silence, Shetland, Vera)
  • Rachel Teate (Wolfblood, Persona, The Brontes)
  • Simon Weir (Waterloo Road, River City)

Why You Should Get Involved

Each of the four episodes of Cops and Monsters will cost £2,000 to shoot and complete and the team plan to shoot all 4 episodes over 6 days in August 2015 in and around the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

The money goes into paying the cast, the crew, renting any essential equipment they need to make the series, costumes, special effects makeup, props, set dressing and for their special effects (which is a large part of the show!) as well as the music and sound design for the series and any other post production effects that are required.

Your support will also hopefully help to encourage more productions to be made in the UK and create a thriving creative industry that the country deserves to have. As much as everyone loves Hollywood films and shows, the UK industry does need assistance and you can do that.

Cops and Monsters have a crowdfunding campaign at with further information, videos and production stills for you to look over.

For more information please e-mail if you are interested in sponsoring the series or require more details. You can follow Cops and Monsters on Twitter @copsandmonsters and also follow the main publicity account at @frompage2screen, finally please pledge your support at

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