Daemos Has Risen

Daemos Has Risen

After several months anticipation, the new Reeltime Pictures drama, DAEMOS RISING, is finally set for release in March 2004. Combining elements from Reeltime's previous drama DOWNTIME, with the televised Jon Pertwee DOCTOR WHO adventure THE DAEMONS, DAEMOS RISING features Miles Richardson, Beverley Cressman and Andrew Wisher in a tale of isolation, possession and magic as the ancient race of Daemons are summoned back to Earth. The Video and DVD, the first independent DOCTOR WHO related drama to be produced for five years, also features popular television and film actor Ian Richardson as the narrator.

The cast and crew of DAEMOS RISING - including producer/director Keith Barnfather, editor Anastasia Stylianou, writer David J Howe, and cast members Miles Richardson, Beverley Cressman and Andrew Wisher will all be at the INVASION event at Barking Library on Sunday 14th March for a panel discussion about the production, and copies of the drama should also be available for sale on the day. For further details of the event, visit the INVASION website at http://www.tenthplanet.co.uk/invasion/.

For information as to how to get hold of the production, please email Reeltime Pictures at orders@reeltimepictures.co.uk, or visit http://www.cuttingsarchive.org.uk/telos/ordering/daemorder.htm for online ordering by credit card.

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