New British Made Sci-Fi Comedy Scheduled For Production In June 2004

New British Made Sci-Fi Comedy Scheduled For Production In June 2004

Anticipation is building for a new British made Sci-Fi comedy scheduled for production in June 2004.

Created by Director Andrew Dymond, Starhyke will be the first new British Sci-Fi series made in over 5 years, more importantly, this raunchy comedy will be like no other science fiction show ever seen on TV.

“This is a totally new style of science fiction, it will have the same effects as the big budget sci-fi greats, but is ultimately a comedy show in the same vein as such spoofs as Airplane or Police Squad. It’ll be a joke a minute, roller coaster ride of raunchy fun and frolics as the crew each develop their own personal way of adapting to a new environment.” Said Jonathan G Brown, Producer

The Story - The first episode sets the scene 3000 years in the future; everyone on Earth has become an emotionless drone set on colonizing the solar system. Their lack of emotion makes them a fearless and remorseless race that destroys without conscience. Aliens intent on releasing a biological weapon to re-awaken our emotions attack Earth, in the hope that the rekindling of our compassion will cease our need for destruction.

During the attack on Earth, an alien ship escapes and time slips into the past. Chased by Captain Blowhard and her crew the aliens destroy their own ship creating a biological explosion that infects the Captain, her crew and even the ships computer systems. When the crew awaken to find themselves in the 21st century, they soon discover that they all have emotions that are so enhanced that they can no longer control them.

The Captain and her crew face many challenges during their journey as they try to get a hold of their escalating emotions. The dramatic storyline is based on the crew’s need to return to their own time and is enhanced by the best of British humour as the crew get themselves into all kind of trouble, from garbage chutes to alien lap dancing bars.

Background - Shooting on a small budget, the producers are keen to steer away from the usual comic book look of British Sci-Fi; intent on a show that has the special effects of any big budget movie. Thankfully, this is achievable since the company has its own established CGI special effects and animation unit and is building a blue screen studio in Bristol.

The show also benefits from an amazing cast line-up of stars from the Sci-Fi Genre and includes Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) and Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars). The rest of the cast will be announced later and have collective credits including James Bond - Die another Day, Stargate SG1, London’s Burning and Lara Croft.

The chosen cast were picked from over 1500 submissions. Interest in the show has been considerable; within 2 days of announcing the auditions the producers had over 1000 applicants. It took a two-stage audition and a workshop to choose the final cast from some of the largest names on British television. Auditions took place in Leicester Square, London, where Andrew Dymond, Jonathan G Brown and Simon Hall put actors through their paces.

Fans are also building in numbers. Even though the show has worked in almost complete secrecy for the past few months, sci-fi fans heard rumors of a new British made show and have already begun building fan sites and forums about Starhyke and it’s likely cast. The official website is already getting over 1000 visitors a day with no search engine links yet installed. Word is spreading and fans worldwide are already waiting in anticipation for more information on this new Science Fiction phenomenon.

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