Official Star Wars Fact File Magazine Hits Stores, Offering Fans Unprecedented Insight Into The Star Wars Universe

Official Star Wars Fact File Magazine Hits Stores, Offering Fans Unprecedented Insight Into The Star Wars Universe

LONDON, UK: De Agostini Publishing, the leading partwork publisher, has released the most complete encyclopaedia of all things Star Wars ever published. The Official Star Wars™ Fact File offers fans the most comprehensive insight into the Star Wars universe ever, building up week by week to be the ultimate guide to a galaxy far, far away...

Since 1977, when cinema audiences were first stunned by the sight of a vast Star Destroyer rumbling across the screen, the Star Wars films have continued to capture imaginations and, with a new film due to hit the screens in less than two years, fresh enthusiasm for the Star Wars universe is mounting.

Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, The Official Star Wars™ Fact File features facts and figures from the original and prequel film trilogies, the Clone Wars TV series, and the official Star Wars novels, games and comics throughout the years.

With unprecedented access to historical information, movie photography, commissioned artwork, CGI images and detailed blueprints, each issue of The Official Star Wars™ Fact File covers events from a long time ago in six separate sections:

  • BATTLES & EVENTS - The major, decisive battles that have shaped the Star Wars universe; including battle plans and strategies, profiles of the key factions, training tactics and blueprints.
  • HUMANS & ALIENS - Data files and biographies of all the major personalities and races, humanoid and alien, including councils, secret sects, and other important affiliations.
  • PLANETS & LOCATIONS – Key data on the universe itself: orbits, environments, locations, cities, buildings, indigenous populations and, of course, Death Stars.
  • DROIDS & MACHINES – Design details and specifications, historical usage, primary functions and notable models of droids, robots and other programmable entities.
  • WEAPONS & TECHNOLOGY – The military and domestic technology of the Star Wars universe; from ion blasters to double-bladed lightsabers, sensor packs to quad laser scopes, cybernetic implants to thermal detonators, and much, much more.
  • STARSHIPS & VEHICLES – Detailed cross-sections, design blueprints, owner profiles, and key uses of the spacecraft, land units and transporters from the Star Wars universe.

Liam White, marketing manager for publisher De Agostini Publishing said: “We are extremely excited and proud of the release of The Official Star Wars™ Fact File. This is a must for Star Wars fans of all ages. It’s the largest Star Wars guide ever published and, together with Lucasfilm, we have created the most detailed reference to our favourite galaxy far, far away...”

There are 120 issues in the collection, priced at £2.99 each.

More information can be found on the official website, the official Facebook page at and on Twitter at @StarWarsFiles.

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