Red Dwarf REDeemed

Red Dwarf REDeemed

With fan opinion still split, the final part of Red Dwarf Back To Earth today redeemed itself, at least in the eyes of Sci-Fi News.

The good money here in the offices was on a despair squid type ending (and it was the only ending in our eyes that would redeem the show), and as our luck went.. that is exactly how Red Dwarf Back To Earth ended!

To be fair, I think the general consensus from fans was that any ending apart from the Red Dwarf crew actually being just "characters" in a tv show would have worked, and with comments on digitalspy tonight such as "Well I take it all back, episode 3 was excellent." it looks like Episode Three did redeem the show in the eyes of the fans!

From a critical eye the writing still seemed a little rusty, but for a show that has been on extended leave for 10 years, what else could we expect. Perhaps the major difference in the show was the channel for which it was made. We are all used to Red Dwarf featuring on BBC Two, and of course with the Beeb's strict policy regarding advertising I think the show would have been more pure and faithful to the original style if the comeback had been for the BBC. The fact that Back To Earth was produced for UKTV's Dave in a way may have tainted the show, with advertising creeping in all over the place.. Which of these companies put in money is anyone's guess (well we actually know Dave did).

All said and done - it was nice to see the Red Dwarf crew back together, and it would be even nicer to see the series picked up again and continue on for a few more seasons.

For anyone who missed out on the show, Dave will be running all three episodes of Red Dwarf Back To Earth tomorrow night from 9pm.

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