Red Dwarf Back To Earth Fan Reaction (Episode Two)

Red Dwarf Back To Earth Fan Reaction (Episode Two)

Red Dwarf returned to our screens yesterday when it "Holly Hopped" onto Dave. Episode One pulled in over 2 million viewers, instantly becoming one of the highest viewed shows in UK digital history, with the exception of the Torchwood Premiere.

Less than thirty minutes after Episode Two graced our screens, mixed fan reaction has already made its way to the Internet. So far with the plot centered around the Dwarfers realising they are just characters from a TV show who have somehow now been able to step through our tv screens into present day Earth, some fans just don't think the show has taken the right approach for a comeback.

Digitalspy forum user stehayn commented "Bloody awfull, I laughed more yesterday to be honest at least there were a few more jokes.", with forum user Lady Voldemort adding "So far the story has been p**s poor imo. And if they visit Whitby New Town Leisure Centre tomorrow I will burn my Red Dwarf collectibles".

Other comments included one from jzee who said "It was c**p- they think they can just get away with a rubbish script completely lacking in wit by 'overwhelming' viewers with the novelty of Red Dwarf characters coming back to 2009.... snorus....", and finally one annoyed fan going by the forum nickname of petertard went as far to say "Red Dwarf disappeared up its own ar**hole tonight. Total c**p concept."

Surely this is not the sort of reaction Red Dwarf creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor nor UKTV's Dave would have wanted. Flipping the coin however there are still many fans loving Red Dwarf Back To Earth, who fought back against the negative comments with their own positive ones such as Mermaidman who announced "The only gripe I have is the fact that the episodes are too short.".

Love it or hate it, Red Dwarf Back To Earth has certainly awoken millions of Red Dwarf fans, in the end however will it have been worth it? I suppose we all need to tune into Dave tomorrow night for the final instalment of Red Dwarf Back To Earth in order to find out.

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