Red Dwarf Profile: Katerina Bartikovsky

Red Dwarf Profile: Katerina Bartikovsky

JMC Profile

Her activation triggered by Rimmer's gross incompetence Katerina Bartikovsky is the female hard-light holographic incarnation of the deceased Red Dwarf Science Officer.

JMC and Space Corps rules stipulate that an activated hologram will automatically take control of the ship in emergency situations.

Arnold Rimmer held the senior officer position on Red Dwarf after he was activated, but now Science Officer Bartikovsky is set to usurp him and take her rightful place in the chain of command.

To sweeten the deal with Rimmer's friends and long-time crew mates, Bartikovsky sets about trying to regenerate the human race and send Lister back home to Earth, and gives Rimmer 24 hours to get his affairs in order before she terminates his files.

Sophie Winkleman As Katerina Bartikovsky

Half-sister of presenter Claudia Winkleman, Sophie followed her Cambridge Footlights career with guest appearances in Waking The Dead, Agatha Christie: Poirot, Lewis and Dalziel And Pascoe. Her first leading role came in ITV1's royal drama The Palace, where she played Princess Eleanor, and she also appeared in a recurring role in award-winning Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show (as Big Suze).

Aside from Red Dwarf: Back To Earth, Sophie recently announced her engagement to Lord Frederick Windsor.

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Science Officer Katerina Bartikovsky

Science Officer Katerina Bartikovsky


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