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Sci-Fi News Reviews Dead Air - Thrills, Blood-Spills & Perfectly Crafted Comedy Horror

Written By: UK Conventions (News Team)
Published: 20th October, 2019 01:00 PM

Dead Air is an independent horror comedy film directed and produced by Geoff Harmer (Selfie, Addict) and written and produced by Peter Hearn (Scrawl) with original score by Dan Hall and music by Erica Nockalls, with Canadian punk rock band Pantychrist providing the 'sound' of Monster Kitten. Set at 30,000 feet onboard a plane that would make even Ryanair look like a luxury five-star airline; the story follows all-female punk rock band 'Monster Kitten' as they board a Crampton Air flight on their way to one final gig. Little do they know what horrors await them onboard this loosely chartered flying tin can!

The movie starts with an animated sequence which feels incredibly slick and does an amazing job of informing the audience just how Monster Kitten, as well as their dodgy band manager, ended up on this fateful flight from hell. As the animated sequence gives way to the movie itself, we're introduced to our rockstar cast including 'The Drummer' played by Stacy Hart, 'The Singer' played by Charlie Bond, 'The Bassist' played by Kate Davies-Speak and 'The Guitarist' played by Johanna Stanton. We also meet the manager Dan Palmer as well as pilot David Schaal and co-pilot James Hamer-Morton.

Introductions out of the way, we soon realise that this isn't just any ordinary flight, the plane is also carrying strange cargo that could have easily been plucked from the set of Godzilla and be carrying deadly infant kaiju for a clandestine experiment. Little do we know that this cargo conceals something far worse... Fur flying, blood biting Henson styled puppets from hell that bring back 'fuzzy' memories of 80's classics including Critters and Gremlins. The puppets, all lovingly referred to behind the scenes as 'Dave' are passionately brought to life by puppet co-ordinator Andrew Spooner, a veteran in his field who has worked on movies and television shows including Muppet Treasure Island, The Furchester Hotel and 101 Dalmatians for companies including Walt Disney Pictures and the Jim Henson Company.

Let's be honest, at this point you're already hooked and can't wait for the inevitable action to unfold as all hell breaks loose for the passengers aboard this Crampton Air flight who have unwillingly become one giant sky-high ready meal for some hungry, ferocious fuzz-balls. Will anyone survive? You'll have to watch for yourself to find out, but with the movie currently doing the rounds at conventions and movie festivals worldwide, you may not have to wait long for that pleasure. All the latest announcements, screening information and updates can be found on the Dead Air social media pages over at and, plus you can delve deeper into the movie over on the official website at

Dead Air is a breath of recycled air aboard a 747 in today's over-crowded cinema space, often filled with reboots and rehashed storylines. The puppets beautifully crafted by four talented individuals from Wimbledon College of Arts (Lydia Smith, Anna Henderson, Sasha Fusini and Annie Pugh), along with puppet builder Alex Genn Bash, could easily have escaped from Mr. Wing's Emporium in Gremlins or fell to Earth when the 'Crites' crash landed during Critters. Dead Air is a beautiful tribute to these amazing creature features from a golden era in cinema, and when you add to this a talented cast, the perfect amount of comedy and amazing practical effects then Dead Air can't help but entertain. At sixteen minutes in length, you'll probably be left screaming for more and may even reach for your keyboard to start one of those ever-popular petitions... And in this case, it would be worth signing!

Thrills, blood-spills and perfectly crafted comedy horror by an award-winning team. You must make sure Dead Air is on your radar this Winter!

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