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Red Dwarf The Dibblifier iPhone App Reviewed

Written By: UK Conventions (Fung Lam)
Published: 15th April, 2010 01:47 PM

The Official Red Dwarf Dibblifier, created by 2entertain Video, promises to transform your friends and family in to a right Dibbley. This face morphing app by Grant Naylor Publications Ltd even includes exclusively recorded content with Danny John-Jules himself aka The Cat/Duane Dibbley. So don’t forget your dandruff brush, corn plasters and triple thick condoms. You never know!

For those that aren’t old enough to remember, Red Dwarf is a British Sci-Fi Comedy Show that originally aired in the late 80’s and 90’s that is now widely regarded as a cult classic. Duane Dibbley being one of the most memorable short-lived characters of the entire series.

To start Dibblifiying you simply select a picture from your photo library or take a new one if your using an iPhone. Once the photo is loaded in, you’ll see a series of colour coded dots and lines which you will need to line up to the face of your victim. All you need to do here is tap on the dots to match them to their corresponding places, such as the eyes, nose and ears. When you’ve got everything in position, press the Dibblifier button and watch as your subject is Dibblified right before your eyes! Suck my Thermos!

Once the transformation is complete you can choose to either edit your creation or save your photo or video within the app to “My Dibbleys”. You can even share your Dibblified picture or video via Facebook, twitter or email.

Everything about this app will definitely have people reminiscing of classic Red Dwarf moments, from the original theme song through to the interface. You can even download full seasons of the television series at £4.99 straight from the iTunes store to revisit some classic episodes.

Even though I’m a big fan of the original series, I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the overall performance of this app. I found that the quality of the Dibblified images were below average and the app was also lacking a user-friendly interface, which made me feel that the £1.79 price tag was a bit much.

It took quite a few attempts to figure out how to Dibliffy like a true Duke of Dork and with an app this simple, I expected the process to be a little bit more straightforward. I soon discovered that using close up photos of your subject straight on gave the best results. After getting the hang of it, I was able to make Dibbleys out of my friends fairly easily. Although for the cost of the app I would have expected a bit more functionality in the way images are edited. Such as the ability to move, crop, rotate and re-size images.

Overall the app has promise but unfortunately feels slightly rushed and needs a bit of polish to the app that will hopefully arrive in the form of an update. That said, I did actually have fun with some laugh out loud moments Dibblifying everyone with some rather odd outcomes. The Red Dwarf Dibblifier is now available from the iTunes Appstore at £1.79. Beware celebrities, you might just get Dibblified. Get your Thermos and sandals ready!

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