Of Gods and Warriors Review

Of Gods and Warriors Review

Of Gods and Warriors is set in the Viking Kingdom of Volsung, a Kingdom shrouded in Norse mythology and belief, and also a Kingdom under siege during the opening scenes. Ruled by King Asmund and Queen Alva, Asmund is betrayed by his brother in a desperate play for power which takes over 20 years to fully play out.

Helle, the princess of Volsung and rightful heir to the throne is forced to flee the Kingdom. Under the guidance of Norse god Odin, Helle finds friendship with a new group and ultimately the army she needs to attempt to win back her throne, but is this enough to overthrow Norse god Loki and his mortal puppets?

Written, directed and produced by David L. G. Hughes, Of Gods and Warriors takes an intimate look into the lives of a Viking dynasty, one surrounded by tragedy and betrayal and as a low budget British independent film there are a few cracks in the films armour. Battle scenes can seem sparse and could do with more bodies to add additional impact and realism and occasionally scenes can feel bereft of props. Put these things aside for a minute and you will however find some standout acting and some stunning cinematography that looks and feels like it has truly been blessed by Odin himself.

Newcomer Anna Demetriou throws herself into the role of Helle with the heart and soul of a true Viking warrior and is certainly a name to watch for in the future. Other standout performances include Will Mellor (Lord Soini), Terence Stamp (Odin) and Ian Beattie (Kirkwood). In fact casting director Jane Anderson did a great job of pulling together such a small but talented cast for the movie.

The shooting locations truly shine thanks to the amazing cinematography by Sara Deane, and prints from the movie certainly wouldn't be out of place hanging on the wall of an art gallery.

All in all if you can forgive the shortcomings that inevitably happen when you don't have the huge budgets afforded to Hollywood blockbusters, then Of Gods and Warriors is a great piece a British cinema which is beautifully shot and has plenty to enjoy. No it's not Game of Thrones, but then again it doesn't try to be. If you like this genre then it's certainly worth checking out on either DVD, Blu-Ray or digital and is available to own now.

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