Debut thriller novel Keystone receives international acclaim

Debut thriller novel Keystone receives international acclaim

Keystone, a fascinating and thrilling self-published novel that follows the potential catastrophic discoveries of an archaeologist searching for answers in Middle Egypt, has gripped the attention of readers across the globe.

One woman. One discovery. Everything at stake.

When Gail Turner discovers an ancient library under the sands of Egypt, she hopes it will get her closer to uncovering the mystery of Queen Nefertiti. Instead, it pits her against the ruthless Seth Mallus in a race for the truth that will push humanity to the very edge of existence.

Caught up in a web of deceit, kidnapping and murder, Gail struggles to unravel the mystery of the Amarna Stickman as the world around her descends into chaos. With startling data from NASA raising more questions than answers, she is ultimately faced with a revelation that shatters everything she thinks she knows, and who she is.

Keystone is the debut novel of author Luke Talbot, who studied Archaeology at Southampton University. Talbot's passion for writing came from living as a teenager in rural France, in a house with no electricity or running water. With little else to occupy his mind, he turned is attention to writing. He was also inspired by his grandmother's writing success, as one of her novels was turned into a movie, "Circle of Two", starring Richard Burton and Tatum O'Neal.

Speaking about Keystone, Talbot explains:

"Sometimes we struggle to find answers because the questions we asked were incorrect. Keystone is the story of an archaeologist looking for answers to questions that have troubled Egyptologists for over a century. She eventually discovers that the truth is far more horrific than anyone could possibly have imagined. Keystone is different because it operates in a world which is entirely plausible. While some of the themes covered may seem fantastic, there is no fantasy here. The events in Keystone could happen."

Keystone (£9.99, Perseo Books), is available to order from all good bookstores and via

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Keystone Book Cover

Keystone Book Cover


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