Publishers & Developers Invited To Join Blake's 7

Publishers & Developers Invited To Join Blake's 7

B7 Productions, the company behind the planned revival of cult TV favourite ‘Blake’s 7,’ is looking for partners to bring the brand to the videogames market. B7 Productions is passionate about translating the original ‘Dirty Dozen in Space’ premise into a gripping Console or PC title — as well as exploring the further potential that a raft of new storylines, characters and TV mini-series will bring.

“We are currently looking at realistic approaches from a number of interested parties,” says Executive Producer, Andrew Mark Sewell. “We are keen to work with people who understand that we’re not proposing a tongue-in-cheek tribute to an old show, but a bold and exciting new interpretation of one of the most influential and popular science fiction shows ever produced in the UK.”

The original series was created by Terry Nation - a cult TV legend who’s credits include creating the seminal Daleks and contributing to the likes of ‘The Avengers’, ‘The Goon Show’, ‘The Saint’ and of course, ‘Doctor Who.’ ‘Blake’s 7’ followed the exploits of futuristic yet fallible freedom fighters in their battle against the totalitarian Federation, regularly attracting over ten million viewers a week in the UK alone. In a British Film Institute poll the show has recently been voted as the public’s favourite TV show of all time (despite not appearing on the BFI’s own shortlist!) it was also the most requested show to be repeated on UK Gold.

In a blaze of publicity that included the launch of the official website, it was recently announced that B7 Enterprises (the parent company to B7 Productions) have purchased all character, format, title and script rights of the original series from the Nation Estate. Set some thirty years after the climatic and controversial end to the series development plans are well advanced for a live-action revival.

Alongside new audio dramas, a high-end animated remake of the original series, a videogame is considered to be a core and natural extension to the brand, as ‘Blake’s 7’ leads the emerging renaissance of UK science fiction.

Both publishers and developers are currently being invited to get in touch with B7 Productions, and anyone interested should contact:

Sebastian Ffoulkes Tel: +44 (0)2087 473296 Email:

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