Babylon 5 To Be Written Back Onto TV?

Babylon 5 To Be Written Back Onto TV?

In a move welcomed by many fans of the hit series Babylon 5, the show's creator J.Michael Straczynski has spoken of a new series that is currently being worked on. Deadlines have been set and the storylines are being worked on at a good pace. Straczynski also noted that he hopes to have more information by mid/end of January.

"The only thing I can say is that phase one of the new project is a go, hence the furious writing schedule at this end of things," Strazynski reported. Fans of the show have adored the storylines created by the writer, which gives the sci fi show a down to earth realistic feel. "This isn't star trek, theres no high and mighty federation and the stories don't come out of christmas crackers," says one fan of the show, "I think I speak for all the fans when I say we're looking forward to the next series, and we will be on the edges of our seats with anticipation."

With such significant developments in the status of the next series, fans are hoping the question of "will there be another series" will turn into "when will the next series be?"

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