Titan Maximum Season 1 DVD Review From Sci-Fi News

Titan Maximum Season 1 DVD Review From Sci-Fi News

Tom Root, Mathew Senreich and Seth Green of Robot Chicken return to give you an all new stop motion animation spoof of Japanese giant robot anime called Titan Maximum. This series is all about fast, raunchy and hilariously crude, action packed episodes as we see Titan Force Five fight to save the universe from their old team mate gone bad.

The first season of Titan Maximum premiered on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network in 2009 and is now soon to be released on DVD in the UK on August 30th. Like Robot Chicken before it, Titan Maximum pays homage to pop-culture with a direct nod towards Sci Fi. Its first episode alone features shots directly borrowed from Star Wars, The Iron Giant, Akira and other Sci Fi greats. Some may even see direct influence from the 80’s classic Voltron (AKA Beast King Go Lion in Japan).

Although Robot Chicken is a fast paced mix of pop-culture parody, Titan Maximum has a coherent and structured narrative that actually left me wanting more after each episode. The story takes place in the 22nd Century and saturn’s moon Titan is defended by Titan Force Five, an elite squadron of young pilots whose spaceships combine to form the giant robot Titan Maximum, the best the solar system has to offer.

As the series begins the team is disbanded due to budget cuts but must quickly reassemble when a former team member turns rogue and tries to conquer the solar system with an onslaught of giant monsters. Titan Maximums band of misfits include Palmer (voiced by Brecken Meyer) as the Team Leader of Titan Force Five. His ego is certainly his main characteristic which means he never takes things seriously but always gets the girls.

Jody is second in command and is the bright and cheerful member of the team who is also highly skilled in martial arts. She forms the right arm of Titan Maximum which previous co-trainees believed the role would be more suited to a man, due to the rigourous training from an early age.

Sasha is the wild one of the group and seen as a raunchy, sultry, foul mouthed sex symbol that has all the qualities to make journalists go wild with excitement. Especially mixed with the fact that she is also the daughter of Titans president.

Willie (Dan Milano) is Palmers nerdy younger brother who is obsessed with Titan Maximum and is thrilled at the idea of joining the team. With his technical knowledge he hopes to prove himself within the team by becoming as good as his older brother.

Leon is the former Titan Force Five Monkey Janitor, a graduate of the Military Primate Training Academy who train Monkeys to do crappy jobs that humans won't do. Leon must join Titan Force Five in order to complete the team as the green suited pilot and help save the galaxy. He cannot or will not speak and always replies with a cold hard stare and maybe the occasional eye roll.

Ex Team mate turned bad guy Gibbs (Seth Green) was originally the blue member of the group and second in command. Gibbs was also the brains of the group and despised being overshadowed by Palmer, who took all the fame and glory. Years after the team went their separate ways Gibbs broadcasts his plans to take over the solar system and crush all those that oppose him.

The jokes and relationships between these characters really make this series and is apparent as the story develops. From start to finish the jokes and occasional outbursts are wickedly crude but utterly hilarious at the same time, just what you would expect from the Robot Chicken team. Combining the great characterisation and impressive stop motion animation, you can tell that the production team have put a lot of effort in to Titan Maximum.

The picture quality on the DVD is really impressive even on an upscaling dvd player to a HD TV. The picture is sharp and the colour accuracy really adds to the detail of the character puppets and scenes. The Brightness and contrast is also well defined and the series is really well lit which adds to some of the more atmospheric and dramatic scenes. The Cinematic scores, sound effects and great voice acting sound amazing due to the audio clarity, especially in the more action packed scenes.

There are plenty of fun special features included on the DVD that really show how much effort was put in to the detail of Titan Maximum. The Anatomy of a Sequence Section was particularly interesting to watch as it really illustrated how the fantastic blend of CGI and stop motion animation was achieved. Whilst the Behind the Scenes gives a great insight in to the whole production of the sets, characters and even costumes. There are also a variety of cast and producers commentary tracks to choose from on each of the nine episodes.

The DVD is packed to the brim full of extras to keep you entertained long after watching the whole series. Its definately one of those shows that you know you will end up telling your friends all about. Overall the first season of Titan Maximum is a superb and fun parody that I thoroughly enjoyed watching and just like many others I will be looking forward to the next season.

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