Take 'Geek Chic' Out Of This World With Doctor Who Tees

Take 'Geek Chic' Out Of This World With Doctor Who Tees

With 'geek chic' one of the leading trends this autumn/winter, fashion lovers and fans of Doctor Who will want to get their hands on a new range of on trend retro Doctor Who t-shirts, launching in-store from 1st December.

The vintage collection comprises three distinctive designs — two featuring classic stills of Tom Baker, the fourth actor to play the legendary part from 1974 — 1981, and the third proudly displaying a Dalek. Who needs a TARDIS when fans can journey back in time with these iconic prints?

With the eagerly-anticipated Doctor Who Christmas specials, they will be a fashionable talking point, and with their traditional yet stylish cut, will provide some timeless class for any wardrobe.

Deny this Reality This monochrome t-shirt features a larger-than-life, distressed image of Tom Baker as The Doctor. With a vintage-style print and faded, charcoal image, this garment will be a wardrobe staple for those who love to make a retro statement. RRP £11.99 or 2 for £20

The Fourth Doctor This crisp white t-shirt features a more vibrant Tom Baker who is given a colour injection with his trademark long, psychedelic scarf. The iconic TARDIS features in the background making this a must-have for all die-hard Doctor Who fans. RRP £11.99 or 2 for £20

Resurrection of the Daleks This sleek, jet black tee has an imposing Dalek emblazoned across the chest. The vibrant purple and blue colours offer a funky, electro twist — bound to be a real eye catcher on the dance floor. RRP £11.99 or 2 for £20

The Doctor Who vintage t-shirt range is available from HMV, Amazon.co.uk, Play.com and a selection of independent stores and will go on sale on 1st December.

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