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We Take A Look At The New Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Poster And Ask "What If?"

Written By: UK Conventions (Peter Shaw)
Published: 6th December, 2012 11:13 AM

Paramount has released the poster for the Rebooted Star Trek Series Sequel — Into Darkness — and already, people are comparing it to Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises".

With rumours of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan rife, we look at the back story to Khan, and contemplate how this may look in the rebooted film.

Khan (Khan Noonien Singh) appeared in the Season one television episode "Space Seed". A product of genetic engineering from the 1990s (sounds like we dodged a bullet there!) with superior mental and physical abilities. In Star Trek History (and as it precedes the rebooted altered timeline, one expects it is the same story) Khan ruled more than a quarter of the world’s land mass including the Middle East and Asia for four years to 1996, until he was removed from power following the Eugenics wars. Khan is one of the enhanced humans who escaped earth to avoid execution, remaining in cryogenic sleep till he is awoken on Kirk's Enterprise.

After a failed coup, Kirk leaves Khan and his followers on a planet, which they encounter once again in the Star Trek II movie, The Wrath of Khan. A battle between Khan and Kirk takes place, resulting in the triggering of the Genesis device, and Spock's death as he saves the Enterprise from destruction.

With the plot summary for "Into Darkness" detailing the federation’s fall to "a one-man weapon of mass destruction"

If Khan's cryogenic ship has been found and he and his followers have taken control of the federation from within; we could see a "Wrath of Kirk" scenario with the Enterprise chasing Khan to stop his wanton destructive revenge on the Earth that created and subsequently turned against him.

Khan of the original movie was out-manoeuvred by thinking two dimensions in a three dimensional battlefield. Will the scriptwriters seek to echo Khan's downfall, or subvert it with Khan's expectation of this strategy? We will have to wait until May 17th to discover what J.J. Abrams has in store for us.

Looking back at the poster, that features a Star Trek insignia shaped hole of destruction, with what looks like a futuristic London skyline in the background (including a faint London Eye toward the left, and the Gherkin, centre right), Sci-Fi News considers what other similar looking shapes could be construed from the poster. Here are some of our suggestions...

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