Sanctuary — Series 3 Exclusively On Watch (Sky 109, Virgin Media 124)

Sanctuary — Series 3 Exclusively On Watch (Sky 109, Virgin Media 124)

The second half of series three of Sci-Fi hit Sanctuary roars back exclusively onto Watch each Tuesday at 9pm (from June 7th) with more monsters and explosive action.

Featuring Stargate's Amanda Tapping as 158-year-old Dr Helen Magnus, head of a secret group of some of the 19th century's most experimental minds (including Nikola Tesla and Dr James Watson) who has crossed the boundaries of time to patrol the streets, she offers help and sanctuary to monsters and beasts that are found on the streets and in dark corners, and aren't accepted by human society.

Along with her own century-and-a-half's worth of experience, Magnus has gathered around her an expert team of 'abnormal' hunters - there's reluctant protégé Will, her reckless daughter Ashley, geeky Henry and a taciturn Neanderthal-like abnormal they call Big Guy.

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