Manson Girl Available On DVD From 9th August 2010

Manson Girl Available On DVD From 9th August 2010

One of the darkest and most notorious events in American history is the murderous reign of terror exercised by Charles Manson and his indoctrinated family of drifters and drug addicts known as The Manson Family. Now, this bloody tale is told with terrifying flair in Manson Girl, available on DVD from 9 August 2010 courtesy of G2 Pictures.

Following the trial of Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten, Manson Girl, is a brilliantly Grindhouse-esque tale of what led to this young girl becoming one of the cult leader’s disciples and what, in turn, led to the atrocities the group committed in the name of their twisted beliefs.

The film also provides a new angle to an oft-told tale by following Leslie’s notorious trial and the lingering and inexplicable attraction between herself and a devoutling Christian member of the jury.

Grisly, darkly comedic and wracked with tension, Mansion Girl is a must-see event for anyone interested in Hollywood’s darker side or the spine-tingling events that turned the Manson Family into global superstars of the least desirable kind.

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