Flash Gordon — The UK Series Premiere

Flash Gordon — The UK Series Premiere

From mythic comic strip conqueror to pulp-serial superstar legend, Flash Gordon returns exclusively on the Sci Fi channel for the 21st century in an action-packed new series about the greatest hero on Earth – and beyond!

Based upon Alex Raymond’s 1936 comic-strip about three friends who battle an evil ruler on the planet Mongo, the series has already wowed audiences in the US... The highly anticipated pilot episode premiered to over 2 million viewers on the American Sci Fi channel on Friday 10 August 2007 — outperforming every Friday night programme on the channel since Battlestar Galactica in November 2006. That's because this incarnation has been totally re-vamped, with key plot features downscaled to make way for a modern day setting, less camp and more tongue-in-cheek humour, strong appeal for women as well as blokes, and a seriously sexy cast... led by former Smallville star Eric Johnson.

Fans will be chuffed to see the return of character favourites like Ming The Merciless (John Ralston) and Dr. Zarkov (Jodi Racicot). Gina Holden (Blood Ties and Alens Vs. Predator 3 - Requiem) has also been cast in the popular role of Flash’s love interest, Dale. Charmed writer Peter Hulme and director Rick Rosenthal (Halloween III, Bad Boys, Smallville, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) have respectively written and directed episodes of the series — including the pilot.


Med student Steve “Flash” Gordon lives in the shadow of his father, a secretive physics genius, in the heart of his mother, Norah, and in the bittersweet memories of his ex-girlfriend, Dale Arden (Gina Holden), a reporter for the local news station. But the guarded Dr. Gordon - working with his equally brilliant partner, Dr. Hans Zarkov - is embroiled in a covert venture that's out of this world. When Dr. Gordon falls victim to his own dimension-shifting Matrix Oscillating Neutrino Gate Observation project (M.O.N.G.O geddit?), his tragic death raises suspicions in Flash. With good reason. Dr. Zarkov witnessed the mind-shattering event, and he has an alarming secret to share... Dr. Gordon isn't technically dead, but he no longer exists in our known world. He's been sucked through a dimensional rift and left to the stars! For headstrong Dale Arden, it's the biggest story of her career - if only she was allowed to expose it. With so many lives on the line, all she can do now is follow it - along with Flash and Dr. Zarkov. The search begins with a dimension gateway that may hold the key to Dr. Gordon's disappearance. It takes the intrepid trio on a universal adventure unlike anything ever experienced before.

Flash Gordon will be premiering on the UK Sci-Fi Channel at 8pm, Monday 3rd March

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